Naeem Turner-Bandele

Hi I’m Naeem,  the author of What Are We Gonna Do Today?, a children’s book that was created to promote proactive parenting and literacy.

The American Academy of Pediatrics  recently released the results of a study which showed that many Americans suffer  a 30 million word deficit.  The study found that the word gap of 30 million words is evident by age 4 and is typically associated with low-income households.

Before The American Academy of Pediatrics published the results of their study, I came up with my own solution, my own first step to improve literacy. That solution is at the core of What Are We Gonna Do Today? The idea is simple, if more parents actively participate in their children’s lives we can close the “word gap”.

I’m also a co-founder and contributor to The Raising Supaman Project. The mission of the Raising Supaman Project is simple: we are dedicated to changing the world 1 parent, 1 child at a time.

When I’m not working towards changing the world, some of my favorite things to do are: reading, playing sports, listening to music, and traveling. Addittionally, I speak spanish and portuguese. Have a question for me? Send me an email at [email protected] I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Naeem Turner-Bandele

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